Houston's Weather History

In 1983 we had hurricane Alisha. it was a category 3 hurricane and it blew trees down and there wasn't power for 6 days.

In 1989 the temperature got to low of 6 degrees.

In 1996 We had a huge ice storm that covered ice all over the patio in the town house. That's why you see all of those watch for ice signs all over the bridges now.

In 1999 we a severe thunderstorm that knocked down one of our trees and set one of our trees on fire! Luckily it was still pouring rain so, it put out the fire on the tree. We think it was a tornado or a huge gust of wind that knocked the tree down were not sure. Julia my sister says that she say a tornado so we think it might have been a tornado that knocked down our tree during the storm. 

In 2001 there was tropical storm Allison in June that flooded up the freeways and most of the homes in Houston, except my home and some of the other homes in southwest Houston. Also we had another severe thunderstorm that knocked down one of our other trees in the backyard at our house. We don't know what happened because we weren't there. It could have been a gust of wind or a tornado. When we got there there was caution tape all over our house because the tree knocked down our power lines and caused a fire to our fence and some of the little trees next to it.

In 2005 there was hurricane Rita. It didn't do much damage because it went away from us, but there were no cars on the streets and it was to go drive on the streets and to see all of the empty streets. i saw some of the windows knocked out of the buildings but, there was no other damage.

In 2004 we had a little snowstorm during Christmas Eve. it was mostly sleet, but it turned to snow during the evening. I think Galveston got about 2 inches of snow! It was my first white Christmas!

In 2008 we had hurricane Ike it made landfall as a low category 2 hurricane but, it was as big as the entire gulf! It wasn't a strong wind storm but, it had high waves that flooded Galveston before it made landfall. The residents they were planning on evacuating had trouble doing it because most of the roads were already underwater. It brought alot of power outages to most of the people in Houston including us and we didn't get our power back for 2 almost 3 weeks! I had to just sit there and listen to the radio, read, and eat because I didn't have anything else to do to. In December we had some snow/rain mix. It only snowed for about 30 minutes but, it was cool to see it anyway though. 

In 2009 we had alot of severe thunderstorms. In March we had a huge hailstorm that covered everything in penny sized hail, it looked like snow had fallen because there were little patches of it lying around in the grass and it looked like snow. In April 28 we had over 15 inches of rain in my area and it was the first time I had seen my bayou over flow. It was pounding rain all night and then my mom woke me up and told me that there was no school today yay! I was really confused because I didn't think it rained that much but, when I looked outside I saw that our bayou was overflowing and that most of my neighborhood had flooded it was the first time that I saw my neighborhood flooded before. I was a record for rain in April. In December 4 we had another record broken for the earliest snowfall in Houston and for the most snow fallen on December 4. We went and drove around Houston and saw all of the snow on the streets and then I went and played in it and I made snowballs and mushed the snow together. We also had record breaking temperatures in the 20's in Houston.

In 2010 we had record breaking temperatures in the 20's and we had a little bit of sleet but, no more snow except some in the north and west parts of Houston. We didn't have any intense severe thunderstorms like we did in 2009 but, we had alot of nice sunshine and cool temperatures in the spring and Autumn and In the summer it was hot but, there wasn't any abnormally hot temperatures and we got record breaking rainfall in July which was good because we were getting a drought because of the little rainfall were getting in the spring time. 

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