Houston's weather: Monthly 2010

November. 2010 This November there was little rain and the temperatures were mostly warm. It was warm and there was rain in the beginning then, there was no rain until near the end when there were some strong cold fronts that brought some more rain and cold temperatures into the 30's. It was a mostly warm month then it got cold near the end with some strong cold fronts. The rainfall was below average with 2.35 inches.

December. 2010 This December was a little warmer than usual with the temperatures getting into the high 70's. It started out cold and sunny then, it started to get warmer by the middle of the month with the high getting to 81 degrees on the 21, the first day of winter. The month was warm and cold with above average high temperatures getting into the 70's and 80's and below average low temperatures getting into the 20's and 30's. There was little rainfall in the beginning of the month with only a few showers then, there was some thunderstorms at the end of the month that brought the total amount of rainfall to a above average 4.95 inches.

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