Houston's weather: Monthly 2011

-January. 2011 This month was unusally warm. On most of the days the high temperature were either in the 60's or the 70's We had some cold fronts that brought some rain and cold temperatures but, they didn't bring any really abnormal low temperatures with them. Our rainfall total for the month was below average with only 1.89 inches. That's well below the 4.06 inches we were supposed to get. That's ok though. Atleast we got some rain. It's better than nothing.

February. 2011 This month started out cold with a threat for some winter weather. We had a ice storm on the  first week. Then we had some ice and a little bit of snow on the second week. I didn't really see any snow just a couple of flurries. Then it got warm during the last two weeks of the month with highs in the 70's and 80's and with low's in the 50's and 60's. It was a nice change from the cold weather that we had in the first two weeks of the month. We didn't get that much rain this month. We were below average with .56 inches of rain. Our average is 2.98 inches. Another month with below average rainfall. At least we got some rain. I hope we get more rain next month.

March. 2011 This month was really warm and sunny. We had almost two inches of rain in the first two weeks. Then we didn't have any more rain until the last three days of the month. The temperatures were above average with lows in the 60's and highs in the 80's. Then the temperatures got cooler during the last week. The lows were in the 50's and the highs were in the 70's. Which are the average temperatures for this month. Although we had almost two inches of rain in the first two weeks. Most of the rain happened in one day. We had a cold front come through with a line of thunderstorms that brought over a inch of rain. Our rainfall total for the month was below average with only 1.85 inches of rain. That's ok though because that's only 1.39 inches less than what were supposed to get this month. Also they said that they were expecting us to get below average rainfall this spring. So, I think we got enough rain considering that they were expecting us to get below average rainfall. I also liked that our leaves turned green right on the first day of spring. Overall despite the fact that we had below average rainfall. We atleast had some nice warm and sunny days.

April. 2011 This month was really warm and really dry. We had some near record breaking temperatures and some record breaking temperatures. Even though we had a really warm April we actually had a record low for April 5. Also the humidity levels were low so, it didn't really feel as hot. I always look forward to April because it is usually one of the wettest month's in Houston but, unforunately that wasn't true this year. We didn't even have a half an inch of rainfall. We only got .16 inches of rainfall. The average amount of rainfall that we are supposed to get this month is 3.48 inches so, that is not good. We are currently in a drought and it doesn't look like we are going get that much rain anytime soon. Maybe if we can atleast get a line of thunderstorms every week then that might help to stop the drought. We've already had a line of thunderstorms come through this week in May that gave us almost a inch of rainfall. I hope we get above average rainfall in May this year.

May. 2011 This month started out promising with a half an inch of rainfall in the first two weeks but, that's all the rain that we got though. That is way below the average amount of rainfall that we are supposed to get during May. Too add to that we had some above average high temperatures. With some broken daily record highs during the last week. Houston is under a severe drought. Hopefully we'll get a tropical low or something that will bring us some rain. We've already gotten some rain in this first week of June and we might get some more. I hope we do because i'm worried about this drought.

June. 2011 This month started out hot with record breaking high temperatures in the 100's. We had some rain though most of the rain we had only lasted about a minute or so with the exception of the 22nd where we had about a inch and half of rainfall in my area. The total rainfall amount that we got in June was below the  monthly average but, it was alot better than what we got last month though. Maybe we'll get above average rainfall next month.

July. This month was hot but, not unusually hot. We had some daily record highs broken on the last week but, other than that the temperatures were pretty normal. Also we finally got over a inch of rainfall This month. My area got 2.04 inches of rain. Which is still about a inch below average but, is alot more than what we've been getting these past few months. Overall I think we got a pretty good amount of rainfall this month compared to all the other months. I wish we could get a couple of big tropical depressions or storms. That would probably help us get out of this drought.

August. This month was hot. The high temperatures were either above or just below 100 degrees and to finish off the month we had a record breaking high of 107 on the 27th. Some people said that it even got to 110 degrees but, I can't find any official information on that. Besides the 100 degree temperatures we also got a low amount of rain. My area only got .08 inches. Overall this has been the hottest and driest month of the year.

September. This month was warm. There were a few days where the high was over a 100 degrees but, they were mostly in the low 90's. Also some of the daily record lows were broken  during the first two weeks. The cooler temperatures and the dry air were a great relief from the heat wave we had in August. Another great relief was the rain. Most of the areas in Houston  got over an inch of rain this month. Alot better than last month were most of the areas barely got an tenth of an inch. Although this month was cooler and wetter than last month. It still wasn't the best month. There were alot of wildfires because of the dry air and wind. Another good thing but, also bad thing about this month. The wind helped spread the fires over the dry land. You could see the smokey clouds during the morning and evening. Overall this month was alot better than last month even with the wildfires.

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