Wednesday, November 9, 2011

                                        Some dotty clouds during the evening.

Today was cool with a low of 54 degrees and a high of 67 degrees. It was Clear and cool with low humidity early in the morning with wind speeds less than 5 mph. When I got up at around 9 am to take out the trash the wind speeds were around 15 mph with 20 mph wind gusts At around 9 am. Saw some long bands of whispery clouds at around 12 am. Then they turned into some short flat clouds. The short flat clouds were in the sky until around 4 pm. At around 4:30 pm a big ray of small clouds covered the sky. It started to get cloudy at around 5 pm.  The wind speeds were around 15 mph with 25 mph wind gusts during the afternoon and evening. The sky was cloudy during the night. The wind speeds were around 10 mph with some 20 mph gusts early in the night. Then sometine at around 10 or 11 pm the wind speeds calmed down to less than 5 mph, I didn't see any wind gusts. The humidity levels were low during the day and night. A huge band of showers moved through the east side of Houston bringing .04 inches of rain to most of thier areas. The only area that got more than .04 inches of rain from the band of showers was the Carpenters Bayou @ I-10 area which got .08 inches of rain.

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