Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today was warm with a low of 60 degrees and a high of 85 degrees. This morning started out mostly clear with possibly a light fog, I couldn't really tell. At around 6 am a big cloud behind some little clouds passed through. The sky was partly cloudy at around 12 pm. The sky was partly cloudy until around 4:30 pm. There were only a couple of clouds in the sky at around 4:30 pm. Then there were some flat and dotty clouds at around 7 pm. Then the sky was clear. The clouds from a cold front started to move in at around 11:30 pm. During the morning the wind speeds were around 5 mph. During the afternoon they were around 10 mph with maybe some 15 mph gusts. During the evening they were around 15 mph with gusts around 20 mph. Then during the night they were back to around 5 mph. The humidity levels were high during the morning and low during the afternoon and evening. The humidity levels were high again at around 8 pm. The humidity levels stayed high after 8 pm.

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