Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Is A Thunderstorm?!

I get really confused every time I see thunderstorm's on the Weather Channel. It's been so, hot and dry here in Houston that I have forgotten what thunderstorm's look like. Alot of the plants around my house are turning yellow and the leaves make a crunch sound every time touch them. I think i'm going to have to start growing cactus's around my house. I would like to say I hope we get some rain like I always do but, I don't think we ever will. We'll not until this summer ends. The heat keeps on destroying the thunderstorm's. Every time they form they quickly evaporate. Hopefully we'll get some rain in the fall when the temperatures are cooler.

 This is a video I took last year sometime in July or August of my brother's cat playing with a locust. Notice how green the plants are compared to the ones in the video below.

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