Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's Too Hot!

I just checked the extended forecast on the weather channel and it says that we're going to have a high temperature of 108 degrees on Saturday. This heat wave is starting to affect my body. I can no longer take my 20 minute walk outside. Every time I go outside my throat starts to hurt and I have to go back inside. I remember complaining in the beginning of February when the temperatures were below freezing. I'd rather have the temperatures below freezing with the heater on than the temperatures above 100 with the air conditioner about to break. Another bad thing about this heat is that it keeps destroying all the thunderstorms. I always see them coming straight for my house and then right before they get to my house they evaporate. I would hope for a tropical storm to come but, that would probably evaporate too. Like what happened with Don. It looks like we're going to have to wait until fall comes before we get can any rain in Houston.

This is a photo of tropical storm Don before and after it made landfall.

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  1. that is hot weather!! too bad you can't take your walks, but I know the heat does take a toll on our bodies, especially with how hot your summer has been! Wise to listen to your body and stay inside where it is cool!