Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Heat and Less Rain During a Drought!

Not only is it hot and dry during a drought but, the dry land actually makes it hotter because there is no moisture to absorb the sun rays and that makes it hotter for the areas like us that are in a drought. Also the drought makes it harder for the storms to form because of the dry land. I hope our drought has been getting better. We've been getting some rain this past month and we might get some more rain later this week from tropical storm Arlene. Arlene is not expected to hit us but, it might bring us some rain though. We are only going to get a 30 percent chance for rain from it but, if it comes a little closer to us maybe we can get a better chance for some rain from it. I know we've had over 2 inches of rain this month but, that's still below average for the month of June and we're already in a drought. I am glad that we finally got some rain though. If you want to know about how the drought causes it to get hotter go to and search for a video called  "dry ground equals hotter air".

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