Monday, September 5, 2011

New Orleans Allison!

Tropical storm Lee dumped over 10 inches of rain in New Orleans. They've been having non stop rain these past two days. It reminds me of what happened in Houston with tropical storm Allison when it stalled over Houston and brought alot of flooding rain to us. That's what tropical storm Lee did to New Orleans. It was stationary when it got to Louisiana and dumped alot of heavy rain on them. Which was bad for them but, would've been good for us. At least we got some cooler temperatures and wind from it. We did get some rain from it but, it was only enough to wet the grass. Tropical storm Lee is now a depression and is moving toward the northeast. Which is currently recovering from Hurricane Irene. If Lee brings alot of rain to them then there going to have more flooding problems. Hopefully Lee will move away quickly and not bring too much rain to them. I really wish Lee would bring some of it's heavy rain to us but, oh well. 

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