Friday, September 30, 2011

Houston Thunderstorms! 9/29/2011

  (The storm below was the first storm and the clusters of storms above were the second and third storm.)

At around 3:30 in the afternoon I started to hear some thunder. At 3:38 it started to rain. The rain was light at first but got heavier as the storm got closer. At 3:48 the rain started to get really heavy and there was some 20 mph gusts with lightning and thunder. There also may have been some pea size hail, i'm not sure. You can hear something hard hitting the window in the video above. I think I saw a really small white ball on the roof. The power didn't go out but, the lights did flicker at 4:09 and 4:30. The clouds were still dark after the first storm. At around 5 I started to hear the thunder from the second storm. At around 5:30 it started to rain. Unlike the last storm the rain was light and it stayed light. There was some more 20 mph wind gusts. (The wind gusts may have been a higher, I didn't have anything to measure it.) Also there was some cloud to ground lightning. The rain stopped at around 6:10. There was still some lightning and loud thunder after the storm had past. At around 7 it started to rain again. The rain started out light then got a little heavier around 7:30. It stopped raining at around 8:30. The wind, lightning, and thunder ended at around 9. At around 10 the rain had dissipated and the clouds started to break apart.

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