Monday, October 10, 2011

Houston Storm Report. 10/9/2011

                                                             Before the storm.
                                                            After the storm.
This is a picture of the shower that brought the huge wind gust.

At around 2:20 in the morning I heard the wind howling. A minute later it started to rain. At around 2:40 it stopped raining. The rain was light, the wind gust was around 30 or 40 mph, and there was no lightning or thunder. At around 7:55 a thunderstorm came through. At first the rain was moderate then it got heavy. The storm stopped at around 8:50. After the storm had passed it started to drizzle. The wasn't any wind or lightning just thunder during the storm. At around 12 it started to rain again. The rain was light at first but, then it got heavy as the storm got closer. The storm stopped at around 12:40. At around 1:10 in the afternoon I started to hear some loud thunder. Then at around 1:20 it started to rain. The rain was moderate to heavy until around 3. There was also some lightning and loud thunder between 1 and 3. The rain stayed moderate after 3. At around 4:30 the rain started to get light. The rain was light until around 8 when it stopped. There wasn't anymore rain after 8.

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