Monday, October 24, 2011

Today was warm with a low of 63 degrees and a high of 88 degrees. There were some clouds early in the morning, then at around 8 am it was mostly cloudy. The sky became partly cloudy at around 9 am. The sky was partly cloudy until around 4 pm, when the clouds left and the sky became clear. The sky stayed clear until around 7 pm, where there may have been some clouds. The sky stayed mostly clear after 7 pm. The wind speeds were around 5 mph during the morning, 10 mph during the afternoon, and then they were back to around 5 mph at around 7 pm. The wind speeds stayed around 5 mph after 7 pm. The humidity levels were high during the morning, a little high early in the afternoon, low late in the in afternoon and most of the evening, and high late in the evening and night.

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