Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Oct. 19 16

Notes: Big to small, white to dark grey stratus clouds looked to cover most of the sky during the morning, afternoon, evening, and maybe night. The wind speeds felt to be calm with maybe some moderate to strong gusts. Light to heavy showers and maybe thunderstorms were scattered across Houston, TX from the mid morning, through the early evening. The showers and maybe storms looked to have dissipated during the late evening. It felt warm during the morning, evening, and night. It felt hot during the afternoon. I saw some light drizzle on the way to a house for lunch in west Houston, TX. Some more light drizzle was falling when I left work in northwest Houston, TX, during the early evening. A few light to moderate and moderately heavy showers looked to have passed over my house, during the late afternoon. I didn't see any flooding, or hear about any damages, or flooding from the showers and maybe thunderstorms that passed over Houston, TX. This was a observation of the weather that I witnessed in northwest and west Houston, TX, where I was during the day.

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