Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Oct. 4 16

Early morning, Beltway and I-10, Houston, TX.
Late evening, my house in west Houston, TX.

Notes: The day was warm in the early and mid-morning, evening, and night. It was very warm and humid, almost hot, during the late morning and afternoon. The winds were mostly calm with some occasional strong gusts during the afternoon, and maybe morning and evening. There may have been some light fog, during the early morning, in west Houston, TX, where I was during the day. There were some scattered showers and maybe some isolated thunderstorms mostly in the south east, east, and south parts of Houston, TX, during the day. I saw some scattered showers in the northwest and north parts of Houston, TX, on the radar, during the evening, and night. I didn't hear about any damage, or advisories from the showers and maybe thunderstorms.

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