Sunday, October 30, 2016

Oct. 30 16

Notes: It felt warm, almost a little cool during the early and mid-morning, late evening, and night. It felt very warm during the late morning, afternoon, and early evening. A moderate dense fog covered the sky during the mid and maybe early morning. The sky became mostly clear with some small to medium, puffy stratus clouds during the late morning. The small to medium puffy stratus clouds were still in the sky during the afternoon and early evening. The sky became clear during the late evening. The sky was clear during the night. The wind speeds were calm during the early and mid-morning, maybe late evening and night. The wind speeds were relatively calm with moderate gusts during the afternoon, evening, and maybe late morning. I didn't see, hear about, or feel any rain drops, except for some light drizzle with the fog during the early and mid-morning. This was an observation of the weather that occurred in northwest Houston, TX, where I was during the day.

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