Friday, October 7, 2016

Oct. 7 16

Mid-morning, near Tully Road, Houston, TX.
Early afternoon, somewhere in west Houston, TX.
Early evening, near Twin Oaks and Memorial, Houston, TX.
Early night, my house in west Houston, TX,

Notes: There were scattered stratus and cumulus clouds during the morning and afternoon. The sky started to clear out during the evening. The sky looked clear when I left my house during the early night. There was no rain, except for maybe a few scattered showers and maybe isolated thunderstorms near the coast, or south east side of Houston, TX, during the morning hours. The wind speeds were calm with moderate gusts, during the morning, afternoon, and maybe evening. There also might have been some strong gusts.The wind speeds felt calm during the early night. I didn't hear about any advisories, or storm damage.

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