Saturday, November 5, 2016

Nov. 4 16

Notes: Big, white, light/grey/blueish grey low stratus clouds covered most of the sky during the day in west and northwest Houston, TX. The wind speeds felt to be relatively calm with moderate and maybe some strong gusts in west and northwest Houston, TX. It felt warm and humid in west and northwest Houston, TX, during the day. Light to moderately heavy, maybe some heavy showers and maybe a few thunderstorms were scattered around the Houston, TX, area during the morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Most of the showers and maybe thunderstorms were off to the west and north of Houston, TX. I didn't feel any rain drops, but I did see some rain drops on my car during the mid-morning in northwest Houston, TX. I think the rain drops were from a dense fog, or maybe isolated light shower that occurred sometime during the early morning. I didn't hear about any damages, or flooding from the showers and maybe thunderstorms. This was my observation of the weather that occurred in west and northwest Houston, TX, where I was during the day.

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