Saturday, June 17, 2017

Jun. 16 17

Northwest Houston, TX, during the early morning.
Northwest Houston, TX, during the late afternoon.
Northwest Houston, TX, during the early evening.

Summary: The day was sunny, dry, and mostly cloudy. No rain. I didn't see any showers, or thunderstorms anywhere on the TWC's Houston, TX radar, during anytime of the day. A mix layer of alto stratus to alto cumulus with stratus and stratocumulus clouds stuck around through the morning, afternoon, and evening. The sky looked to have become clear during the night. There also looked to be some thin cirro stratus clouds in the sky, during the early morning. The wind speeds looked to be clam with moderate to moderately strong gusts with some possible really strong gusts. It felt warm during the morning, late evening, and night. It felt hot during the early and mid-afternoon. It felt really hot during the late afternoon. It felt really warm during the early evening. Actually the wind made it feel a little cool when I was in the pool, during the night. There were no watches, alerts, warnings, advisories, or weather statements issued for the Houston, TX area, that I know of. The low temps looked to be in the 70's and the high temps looked to be in the mid to high 90's, for the Houston, TX area.

Locations: Northwest Houston, TX.

Thoughts: Another hot summer day. The first of the really hot summer days for the 2017 summer season, for the Houston, TX area. Houston, TX is getting some hot high temps lately. I'm thinking Houston will see some 100 degree highs real soon!

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