Monday, December 26, 2011

Calm and Cool!

                            The radar showed rain over my area at around 12 am.
                           This is the line of showers that passed through Houston.

Today was cool with a low of 39 degrees and a high of 52 degrees. The sky was cloudy, it was foggy, the wind speeds were calm, and the humidity level was high when I went to sleep at around 2:20 am. A line of showers passed through at around 12 pm, I think it was in front of a cold front, there wasn't any thunder or lightning, it was foggy, the wind speeds were around 5 mph, and the humidity was high. I saw some gusts around 15 mph at around 1:30 pm. The sky was mostly cloudy at aorund 2:30 pm. The fog was gone by aorund 3 pm, I think. The wind gusts were around 10 mph when I checked at around 4:30 pm. The clouds started to break up at around 4:30 pm, the sky was clear by around 5 pm. The wind speeds were calm and there may have been some light fog at around 6 pm. The sky stayed clear after 5 pm. The light fog stayed after 6 pm or, it looked foggy anyway. There might have been some light showers at around 12 am or, at least that's what the radar showed, I don't remember seeing any rain. The humidity levels were high from the beginning to the end of the day, they were around 100% during the night. The line of showers went through all of the areas of Houston so, every area should have had some measurable rain but, I only found some areas that got some measureable rain. The areas that did get some measurable rain only got .04 inches of rain. The only area that got more than .04 inches of rain was the Cypress Creek @ Katy-Hockley Road area which got .08 inches of rain. My area got 0 inches or, less than .04 inches. My area probably got  around .01 inches of rain, i'm guessing. Who cares, at least we got some rain. Also we've gotten above average rainfall for this month so, i'm happy. The day was cool and calm.

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