Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wet and Cloudy!

                                        There was alot of water in our backyard.

Today was cool with a low of 49 degrees and a high of 60 degrees. I started hear some thunder at around 12:20 am. There was some gusts around 15 maybe even 20 mph at around 1:30 am, during some of the thunderstorms. It was raining hard, there was thunder and lightning, the humidity level was really high, and the wind speeds seemed to be around 10 mph with gusts around 15 mph when I went to sleep at around 3 am. The rain was light, the wind speeds were calm, and it looked a little foggy when I checked at around 7 am. The rain had stopped and it was cloudy when I woke up at around 10:30 am, the radar showed that the rain had stopped at around 8:30 am. The wind speeds were around 5 mph at around 11:30 am. The sky was mostly cloudy at around 1 pm. I think the fog was gone at around 2 pm. I saw that the wind speeds were calm at around 4:30 pm. The sky was partly cloudy at around 5 pm. The sky was clear by around 6 pm, there might have been some high thin clouds but, I couldn't tell. I saw that it was foggy at around 7 pm. I started to see some clouds at around 10 pm, the sky was cloudy. The sky stayed cloudy after 10 pm. The fog stayed after 7 pm. The wind speeds stayed calm after 4:30 pm. The humidity levels stayed really high from the begining to the end of the day. We got alot of rain, most of the areas got at least an inch of rain. The area that got the most rain was the Clear Creek @ Bay Area Boulevard area which got 2.24 inches of rain. My area got 1.96 inches of rain. Happy day! We haven't had this much rain in awhile. The day was wet and cloudy.

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