Monday, December 12, 2011

Fall Leaves!

                                       This is a video of the 15 mph wind gusts.

Today was cool with a low of 46 degrees and a high of 66 degrees. The sky was mostly cloudy duing the morning. The sky got partly cloudy at around 1:30 pm. The sky was mostly clear at around 5 pm and then clear by around 6 pm. The sky was clear until around 8 pm, where I noticed that it was mostly cloudy. The clouds were thin during the day and the sky looked a little foggy during the night. The wind speeds were calm before I went to bed at around 1 am. Then they rose to around 10 mph with gusts around 20 mph when I checked at around 10:30 am. The wind speeds slowed down to around 5 mph at around 11:30 am, they were calm by around 3 pm. Then they rose again to around 10 and 15 mph with gusts around 20 mph during the late afternoon and evening. the wind speeds were 5 or 10 mph during the night. The humidity level was a little high from the morning til around 1 pm when the internet went down. I saw that the humidity level was high at around 11:55 pm, when the internet went back up. The internet did not go down because of the weather, it was because of a house that was being built. The day was cool and windy.

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