Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mostly Cloudy and Cool!

                          There were some high thin clouds during the afternoon.
                                         Everybody got some rain!

The day was cool with a low of 47 degrees and a high of 70 degrees. I started to hear thunder at around 1:30 am. It was raining and a little foggy, the humidity level was high when I went to bed at around 3 am. The rain started out moderate at around 2:20 am then it got really heavy, then it got moderate again, there was no thunder or, lightning, the wind speeds were around 5 mph with gusts around 15 mph, there may have been some 20 mph gusts. There was some more rain at around 5:40 am, the rain seemed to be moderate, the wind speeds were probably around 5 mph and I don't think there was any thunder or lightning. The rain stopped at around 6:30 am, it was still foggy. There may have been a small shower at around 10 am. The wind speeds were around 10 mph with gusts around 15 mph and some around 20 mph, the sky was mostly cloudy, and the humidity level was a little high at around 11 pm, the fog was gone. The wind speeds were around 5 mph at around 2 pm. The wind speeds were calm with some gusts around 10 mph and the sky was mostly cloudy but, the clouds were thin at around 3 pm. The sky was partly cloudy at around 5 pm, I didn't see any more wind gusts. The sky was mostly clear by around 5:30 pm. there was some light fog at around 7 pm. I saw that the sky was partly cloudy at around 8 pm. The sky was clear when I looked at it at around 11 pm. The wind speeds stayed calm with no wind gusts after 5 pm. The humidity levels were a little high until 11 pm, where they became high. I think there was stil some light fog after 7 pm, the sky looked clear but hazy at around 11 pm. I think every area in Houston got at leat some rain. The area that got the most rain was the Luce Bayou @ FM 2100 area which got 1.92 inches of rain. My area got .28 inches. The day started out warm but, then got cool at around 11 am, when the front had passed. The day was mostly cloudy and cool.

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