Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cold and Dreary!

Today was cold with a low of 44 degrees and a high of 48 degrees. The sky was cloudy, the wind speeds were calm, the humidity level was really high, and it was foggy when I went to sleep at around 3 am. The sky was cloudy with fog and mist during the morning, afternoon, evening, and night.  The wind speeds stayed mostly calm after 3 am, they would sometimes get up to around 5 mph. The humidity levels were high from the beginning to the end of the day, i'm pretty sure but, can't say for sure because I was celebrating Christmas. There were some scattered showers and maybe thunderstorms really early in the morning,mostly between 12 and 4 am, maybe some after. The area that got the most rain was the Cypress Creek @ Cypresswood Drive which got .24 inches of rain. My area got .08 inches. The day was cold and dreary weather wise but, the day was bright and cheerful life wise, it was Christmas!

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