Friday, December 2, 2011

Today was cool with a low of 54 degrees and a high of 78 degrees. The sky was mostly cloudy until around 1 pm. There were only some medium sized puffy clouds from around 1 to around 2:30 pm. The sky was clear at around 2:30 pm. There were some fair clouds during the evening. More clouds started to roll in at around 6 pm, the sky was mostly cloudy by around 7 pm. The sky stayed mostly cloudy after 7 pm. The wind speeds were around 15 mph with some 20 mph gusts from the begining to the end of the day. The humidity levels were high during the morning, then a little high at around 12 pm, then they were low at aound 3 pm. The humidity levels stayed low until around 6 pm, where they became high again. The humidity levels stayed high after 6 pm. The day was mostly cloudy and a little windy with above average temperatures.

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