Saturday, April 29, 2017

Apr. 28 17

Northwest Houston, TX, during the early morning.
West Houston, TX, during the late afternoon.
West Houston, TX, during the early evening.

Summary: The day was mostly cloudy, very warm, and dry. There might have been some isolated showers, or thunderstorms in and around the Houston, TX area, but I don't remember. The wind speeds were calm with moderate to moderately strong gusts with really strong possibly 25 mph + gusts. Especially during the evening and night. The sky went from cloudy to mostly cloudy throughout the day. I didn't see, feel, or hear any rain drops. The day started out warm, then very warm, then hot, during the afternoon. It still felt warm during the evening and night. I didn't hear about any warnings, watches, advisories, alerts, or weather statements. The low temps were in the 60's, or maybe 70's and the high temps were in the high 80's and low 90's. I don't know if Houston, TX broke any record highs.

Locations: Northwest and west Houston, TX

Thoughts: The day was very warm. I was glad that I brought two bottles of Gatorade to work.

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