Monday, February 20, 2017

Feb. 19 17

Northwest Houston, TX, during the mid-morning.
Near Missouri, or maybe in Missouri City, TX, during the mid-morning.
In Missouri City, TX during the late morning.
In west Houston, TX, I think, during the late morning.
Near, or maybe in Cypress, TX during the mid-afternoon.

Katy, TX, during the mid-afternoon.
Katy, TX during the late evening.
Northwest Houston, TX during the early night.

Summary: It was a warm, mostly cloudy, and mostly dry day. There were some  moderately strong to really strong (20-25 mph) wind gusts in the morning and maybe afternoon, evening, and night. I saw some moderate to moderately heavy drizzle in Missouri City, TX during the mid-morning. Another round of moderate to moderately heavy showers passed over my house, during the late morning, near the end of the day. The low temps were in the 60's and maybe 70's with highs in the 70's, maybe low to mid 80's, in the Houston, TX area.

Thoughts: The day wasn't as warm, or wet as I thought it would be.

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