Thursday, February 23, 2017

Feb. 23 17

Northwest Houston, TX. during the early morning.

West Houston, TX, during the early afternoon.
West Houston, TX, during the late evening.
Northwest Houston, TX, during the late evening.

Summary: The day was sunny, mostly warm, and completely dry. No rain. There were no reports of rain anywhere in, or near the Houston, TX area, during anytime of the day. It felt a little cool during the early morning. It started to feel warm during the mid-morning. It felt very warm, almost hot in west Houston, TX, during the afternoon. I saw some very dense ground fog, in northwest Houston, TX, on my way to work, during the early morning. The sky stayed completely clear.

Cities/locations: Northwest and west Houston, TX.

Thoughts: It is starting to feel like spring/summer. I wonder when Houston, TX will get some more rain. I miss the rain already, but am looking forward to some nice, sunny and warm weather.

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