Sunday, February 26, 2017

Feb. 26 17

Northwest Houston, TX, during the mid-morning.
Katy, or maybe Cypress, TX, during the mid-afternoon.
Katy, TX, during the late afternoon.
Katy, TX, during the late evening.
Northwest Houston, TX, during the late evening.

Summary: The day was a little cool, dry, and mostly cloudy. Some rain. A cluster of light to moderate showers passed through the Houston, TX area during the late afternoon and early evening.
Light rain started to fall as I was walking towards the Petsmart in Katy, TX, that I volunteer at. The ground was completely dry when I walked out, during the late evening. The lows for the Houston, TX area were in the 50's and maybe some 40's, The highs were in the 70's and maybe some 60's.
There were no advisories, watches, or warnings issued for the Houston, TX area, that I know of.

Locations: Northwest and west Houston, TX, Cypress, TX, and Katy, TX.

Thoughts: The day was kind of gloomy with the clouds, but was a lot warmer than I thought it was going to be.

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