Sunday, July 9, 2017

Jul. 8 17

Northwest Houston, TX, during the early morning.

Spring, TX, or maybe the Woodlands, TX, during the late evening.

Summary: The day was sunny, mostly dry, and hot. Heavy thunderstorms started to pop up in and around the Houston, TX area, sometime during the late afternoon, or maybe early evening and lasted through the early night, before finally dissipating, sometime during the late night, with maybe a few lingering light showers. The sky looked to be mostly clear with a few alto stratus clouds in the sky, during the early morning. Stratus and stratocumulus clouds looked to be scattered across the sky, during the mid and late morning and early and mid-afternoon. Stratus, stratocumulus, and nimbus clouds looked to cover most of the sky, during the late afternoon, evening, and early night. There looked to be some possible mammtus clouds, near the Woodlands, TX, during the late evening. Stratus, or maybe alto stratus clouds looked to cover most, if not the whole sky, during the late night. The wind speeds looked to be calm with gentle to maybe moderate gusts with some possible occasional moderately strong gusts. It felt warm during the early morning, evening, and night. It felt very warm, during the mid-morning. It felt hot, during the late morning. It felt very hot, during the afternoon. There was a Significant Weather Advisory issued for parts of the Houston, TX area, There were no other watches, warnings, alerts, weather statements/outlooks. or advisories issued for the Houston, TX area, that I know of. The low temps looked to be in the 70's and the high temps looked to be in the low to mid 90's, for the Houston, TX area.

Storm Summary: The thunderstorms that passed through the Houston, TX area, caused a few power outages and flash flooding. I didn't see, or hear about any storm damages.

My Storm Summary: Most of the thunderstorms that I saw where in the mid town/downtown area of Houston, TX. There was another storm popping up in north Houston, TX, that I saw parts of. The storms didn't have any strong winds, that I remember, just some scary cloud-to-ground lightning strikes, and heavy rain with flash flooding, or deep ponding on the roads and freeways. There was little rain reported at my house in northwest Houston, TX.

Locations: Northwest, north, mid-town, montrose, heights, and downtown Houston, TX. The Woodlands, TX, Spring, TX, Tomball, TX, and maybe Klien, TX.

Thoughts: Well I haven't seen that much rain in awhile, especially the cloud-to-ground lightning strikes, not since maybe last year, or at least 2015 since I have seen such close lightning strikes. I have seen a few heavy rain storms this year. I was sad to hear that my house in northwest Houston, TX didn't receive that much rain.

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