Monday, March 27, 2017

Mar. 27 17

Northwest Houston, TX, during the early morning.
West Houston, TX, during the early afternoon.
West, or maybe northwest Houston, TX, during the early evening.
Northwest Houston, TX, during the late evening.

Summary: The day was warm, dry, and sunny. Maybe some rain. I felt a few possible rain drops, but didn't see, or hear about any rain. There were no watches, warnings, advisories, or weather statements issued that I know of for the Houston, TX area, during anytime of the day. The wind speeds were calm with moderate to moderately strong gusts with some really strong 20 to 25 mph gusts. The low temps were in the 60's, I think, and the high temps were in the mid 80's with maybe some areas getting into the upper 80's, for the Houston, TX area.

Locations: Northwest and west Houston, TX.

Thoughts: It was another warm and pleasant day. I am looking forward to some more rain chances for the Houston, TX area on Wednesday.

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