Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cool and Windy!

Today was cool with a low of 48 degrees and a high of 69 degrees. The sky was cloudy, the wind speeds were around 5 mph with gusts round 10 mph, some around 15 mph, The humidity level was high, and it was foggy, the visibility was 8 miles when I went to sleep at around 4 am. The sky was clear, the fog was gone, the humidity level was low, and the wind speeds were around 10 mph with 20 mph gusts, some gusts around 25 mph maybe even 30 mph when I checked at around 10 am. The wind speeds were around 10 mph at around 4:30 pm, I didn't see any more wind gusts. The wind speeds were down to around 5 mph at around 5 pm. The wind speeds were calm at around 6 pm. The wind speeds were around 10 mph with gusts around 20 mph at at around 7:30 pm at a cafe near my house. The wind speeds were calm when we, my brother, friend adam, and I got to my house at around 11 pm. I saw that the humidity level was a little high at around 10 mins to 12 am. The sky stay clear after 10 am. A line of showers passed through Houston at around 3 am in front of a Canadian cold front, I don't know what the wind speeds were, I didn't see any lightning or, hear any thunder. Sorry I forgot to save the picture of it before I formatted the disc. Both the Clear Creek @ Bay Area Boulevard and Houston Transtar got the most rain, they got .08 inches. My area got .04 inches. The day was cool and windy.

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