Thursday, January 5, 2012

Partly Cloudy and Warm!

Today was warm with a low of 49 degrees and a hgh of 74 degrees. The wind speeds were calm, the humdity level was really high, the sky was partly cloudy, and there may have been some light fog, the dew points were a degree less than the temperature and the visibility was 9 miles when I went to sleep at around 1:30 am. The sky was mostly cloudy when I checked at around 5 am. The sky was partly cloudy when I woke up at around 9 am. The sky was clear at around 10:30 am. The wind speeds were around 10 mph at around 11:30 am. The clouds startd to roll in at around 12 pm. The sky was mostly cloudy, the humidity level was a little high, and there were some gusts around 15 mph by around 12:30 pm. I saw some gusts around 20 mph at around 1 pm. The wind speeds were around 10 mph at around 1:30 pm. I think the fog left at around 11 am or sometime early in the afternoon, i'm not sure.The wind speeds were around 5 mph at around 3 pm. The sky was partly cloudy at around 5 pm. I noticed that the humidty level was high and the wind speeds were calm at around 6 pm. I saw that the sky was mostly cloudy at around 7 pm. At around 2 minutes to 12 am I saw that the humidity level was really high and that it was foggy, it said that the visibilty was 1.5 miles but, it didn't look that foggy. The sky stayed mostly cloudy after 7 pm. The wind speeds stayed calm after 6 pm. The day was partly cloudy and warm.

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