Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Warm and Cloudy!

                   These are the first showers that came through in the morning.
                  We had another little shower at around 3:30 pm in the afternoon.

Today was warm with a low of 50 degrees and a high of 75 degrees. The sky was cloudy, the wind speeds were around 5 mph with gusts around 15 mph, some around 20 mph, it was foggy, the visibility was 6 miles, and the ground was moist, when I went to bed at around 3:30 am. The ground was wet from a recent shower and the wind speeds were around 10 mph with, when I woke up at around 9 pm, the shower seemed to have started at around 8 am and ended at around 9 am, that's what the radar showed. We had another shower at around 9:30 pm. There were some gusts around 15 mph during the afternoon. I saw some light rain from a shower near by at around 3:30 pm, the humidity level was high and the fog was gone. The sky was mostly cloudy at around 4:30 pm. The sky looked clear, there was some light fog, the wind speeds were calm with some gusts around 15 mph, and the humidity level was a little high when I checked at around 7:30 pm. The wind speeds were calm with gusts around 10 mph, when I checked at around 10 pm. The wind speeds stayed calm with gusts around 10 mph after 10 pm. The humidity levels stayed a little high, the sky stayed clear, and there was still some light fog after 7:30 pm. Both the Clear Creek @ I-45 and Clear Creek @ Nassau Bay areas got the most rain, they got .12 inches of rain. The rain was in scattered areas of Houston. Even though we got rain my area, the map showed that we got 0 inches. The day was warm and cloudy.

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